Austin Restaurant or
Authentic Texas BBQ Joint?

County Line BBQ entrance sign

An old Austin standby with a million dollar view and
some upscale barbeque, County Line BBQ. Photo/jordanfischer

County Line Bar-B-Q
6500 Bee Caves Rd.
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 327-1742;

HOURS: Open for lunch and dinner everyday.

The County Line BBQ is not an authentic Texas BBQ joint. It is an upscale BBQ Austin restaurant that does what it does extremely well.

And part of what it does so well is pose as an authentic Texas BBQ joint.

I said pose. How many BBQ joints come with an outdoor patio with a million dollar view? Mixed drinks, homemade bread and ice cream. Yep, this is a full service restaurant, no wax paper. You get a real plate, cloth napkin, knife, fork and spoon. They even give you a clean plate for rib bones.

County Line BBQ on the Hill is an Austin BBQ standard. Purists may complain, but there are no disappointments on the menu.

Located on a hill off Bee Caves Road, the view is world class. The joint itself is wood everywhere comfortable.

There are booths and tables. Request a table by the window.

My least favorite item on the menu is the sausage. Love the beef ribs, pork ribs, baby back ribs. The smoked chicken is inconsistent. I've had it when it was awesome and then again when it was just good. Worth the risk if you're not into pork ribs.

They offer a complete restaurant menu, drink list, separate desert menu.

For those of you who take your eating seriously, try the all you can eat meals. Country Style, the Cadillac or the infamous…

ALL YOU CAN STAND. For $27.99 per person, you get all you can stand of sausage, beef ribs, brisket (lean and moist) pork ribs, chicken, smoked turkey, pork tenderloin, ham, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, handmade bread, ice cream, plus bottomless drinks.

My friends, that is a feast fit for an ol' time Texas BBQ.

The baby backs here are meaty. Cooked just right, but they do add sauce. So tell the waiter to hold it or serve it on the side.

Unlike any other BBQ joint you will ever eat in, upscale BBQ. Unbelievable, but it works here.

I do have a real big margarita here. So maybe my judgment is slightly impaired, but I recommend the County Line BBQ.

I waddle out the door, stuffed, satisfied and at peace with the world.

They ship nationwide! Call (800) AIR-RIBS.

County Line BBQ - home of the Big Rib sign

The Big Rib they refer to is their enormous
beef ribs. Hint: leave room for pecan pie. Photo/jordanfischer

MENU: Smoked meats include; beef ribs, brisket, pork ribs, sausage, chicken, peppered turkey breast, peppered pork sirloin. You can get three different all you can eat combinations or order by the plate. Side dishes are beans, cole slaw, potato salad, side salad, French fries, garlic mashed redskin potatoes, side of the day.

If that wasn't enough, vegetarian kabobs, grilled chicken, top sirloin, beef kabobs, ribeye, New York Strip, three sizes of tenderloin, grilled salmon, burgers. Nine different Signature Salads.


DON'T MISS: Ribs – beef, pork and baby backs.

MAIL ORDER: They've been shipping their meat and sauces in the United States since 1990. This link opens a new window, 800 - AIR RIBS.

LOCATION: On Bee Cave Road just west of 360.

LINK: This opens in a new window; County Line On The Hill.

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