Texas' Barbeque Perennial #1 Choice

Kreuz Market entrance


Kreuz Market
619 N Colorado St.
Lockhart, TX 78664
(512) 398-2361;

HOURS: Open Monday-Saturday, 10:30 am to 8 pm. Closed Sunday.

It's true. All the ratings, reviews and awards Kreuz (pronounced “Krites”) gets makes them extraordinarily difficult to review.

I've recommended them to convention groups of over 100, closest family and friends. Everyone raves about it.

Yes, they get high marks as a barbeque restaurant, but low marks on the Texas barbeque experience. Wasn't always that way. Kreuz was housed in the same downtown location for 99 years. Texas' oldest, most respected barbeque landmark. Open since 1900.

After a bitter family dispute between siblings, one retained the old location, which became Smitty's Market. The other sibling retained rights to the name and opened a new barn like building to house the new/old Kreuz.

Both Smitty's and the new Kreuz location produce barbeque that is equal to the original Kreuz Market.

Kreuz Market sausage, pork ribs and brisket

Sausage, pork ribs and brisket. Photo/biskuit

The meat at Kreuz Market is the star. There are no supporting actors. There is no sauce. When you ask for it the staff is insulted. German potato salad, beans and sauerkraut make up the sides. The pie is OK.

People really do rave about this place. I don't agree on a lot of it. I've found better brisket, ribs and sausages at many barbeque joints. That said, if you're a lover of smoked ham, this is your mecca.

It amazes me that the consistently #1 rated barbeque joint in Texas, renowned for legendary sausage, ribs and brisket produces ham that is off the meter delicious. Totally overlooked. Tender, moist and perfectly smoked. Other joints don't do ham justice or don't do it at all. Kreuz does.

Even though I wax poetic about old Kreuz and how things used to be, reliable ol' husband is quick to point out that now we have two barbeque joints instead of one.

Smitty's, Kreuz, and Black's are the primary reason the Texas State Legislature proclaimed Lockhart the Barbeque Capitol of Texas.

With a 108 year history, even though their location is new, no Texas vacation would be complete without a visit to the legendary Kreuz Market. Get the ham.

When I'm in Lockhart I go to Smitty's for ribs and sausage and Black's for old school super greasy and tender brisket. But for ham and pork chops, you can't beat Kreuz.

MENU: Shoulder clod, brisket, prime rib, pork chops, pork ribs, ham, turkey (seasonal), sausage rings, jalapeño cheese sausage links, homemade wieners, dry cured sausage, jalapeño dry cured sausage. Sides include German Potatoes, sauerkraut and beans. Canned and bottled soda, ice tea and lemonade. Pies.

DON'T MISS: Ham! Ham! Ham!

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LOCATION: From downtown Austin, approximately 35 miles. Head south on Hwy. 183. Check their web site for the latest news on the road construction near their business and the best way to get around it.

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Where all the meat at Kreuz Market is smoked

This is where all the smoked meat comes from. Photo/Barbara Lynne


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