Real Texas BBQ
BBQ Ribs, Brisket & Handmade 100%
Beef Smoked Sausage… PURE BLISS!

City Market Luling
633 E. Davis St.
Luling, TX 78648
(830) 875-9019

HOURS: Open Monday-Saturday, 7 am to 6 pm. Closed on Sunday.

The Big Kahuna of Texas BBQ City Market, Joe Capello

Joe Capello started his career at City Market in Luling wiping off tables as a boy in 1959. Today Joe is the Big Kahuna of Texas' best neighborhood BBQ joint.

Joe makes his own sausage. A German rough ground, super juicy, 100% pure beef. Unique mildly peppered flavor. Beautiful to look at and the casing pops and snaps when you take a bite. Texas BBQ City Market style.

If you're accustomed to the traditional fine ground, leaner sausage, then this sausage may be an acquired taste.

City Market's BBQ brisket has a statewide reputation as being one of the best in Texas. I agree. This is old style crust on the outside, perfect dark red smoke ring followed by sinfully moist, tender and subtle oak flavor.

My husband pigs out on the pork ribs. RD says, “you taste the meat not the heat.” He stole that from Hank Hill (you know, the TV show).

What he's saying is City Market's meat is smoked in a fire box pit with oak wood. You get a gentle smoke flavor that lets the meat and spices stand out. The ribs are peppered and smoked to perfection.

Go to City Market for the BBQ ribs, sausage and brisket. The drive from Austin is not very scenic or inspiring, but it's definitely worth it. I get over there three or four times a year. If it weren't so far away, I'd be there a lot more.

Texas BBQ City Market, meat cutters

Meat cutters ready to prepare
your order. Photo/Barbara Lynne

You walk in, go to the back where the meat cutting room is. Place your order and pay. It's weighed, cut and put on wax paper. Go out to the dining room, claim a table, then go to the counter for your sides.

Speaking of sides, they hand sort the beans. Try them. No nonsense, not spiced, good ol' beans. Reminds me of the beans we had at church way back.

City Market in Luling draws customers statewide for their menu of smoky delights. And for good cause.

If you like your Texas BBQ with sauce, try City Market's. I'm not a sauce person as a rule, but this is really unusually tasty stuff. Think a Mexican version of a tangy Texas sauce. Maybe jalapeños in this stuff? Ask Joe when you visit. This is really a good place, run by absolute professionals.

After eating here for years I'm convinced pit master Joe can tell if the BBQ is done by the smell.

Drive to Luling. Be real hungry. Then over do it at City Market. You will have a very good time. If you are the daring and adventurous sort, get a link of Joe's jalapeños sausage. Clears your nose up instantly. Wonderful flame-on in a natural hog casing.

Oh, almost forgot. I sat two tables away from Tommy Lee Jones here. He ordered ribs and brisket!

MENU: Beef brisket, pork ribs, hot sausage, cold sausage, salad, sauce, cheese, beans, drink. “No forks, use fingers”

DON'T MISS: Any of it. The brisket is famous, RD loves the ribs, and I never go without getting Joe's sausage. You'll be tempted to only eat the meat, it's so good you don't want to waste room on anything else, but don't miss the beans. You do get a spoon with beans, don't have to use your fingers.

MAIL ORDER: Nope. We can only wish.

LOCATION: From downtown Austin it's about a 46 mile trip. Head out of town on Hwy 183 south. Stay on it until you come to E. Davis Street, turn right (west) and your there.

LINK: No web site but you can see more reviews and get directions here.

Preparing traditional side dish for Texas BBQ, City Market workers sort the beans

Beans are a traditional side dish for Texas BBQ. At City Market
they still sort them the old fashioned way, by hand. Photo/Barbara Lynne

When Edgar B. Davis brought in the Rios #1 in 1922, Luling went from a railroad city of 500 to an oil town of 5,000 people overnight. The Central Texas Oil Patch Museum, located down the street from City Market, preserves that history. Photo/Barbara Lynne


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